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IoP Diversity & Inclusion council

IoP Diversity & Inclusion council aims to independently and proactively advise the IoP leadership about efforts to noticeably enhance diversity and inclusion in the institute.

Some tasks of the council include:

  • Analysis PhD/postdoc/staff/visitor diversity at IoP.
  • Organisation of education events for faculty, staff, students.
  • Formulation and implementation of a long-term D&I strategy.
  • Consultation in hiring procedures.
  • Work with directors of educational programs on attraction and retention of a more diverse BSc/MSc student body.
  • Inclusion of diversity in existing and new outreach activities.
  • Coordinate with other relevant bodies, such as WiF, diversity committees in other institutes, the student impact center, and the Faculty Diversity officer.


Dr. S. (Shin'ichiro) Ando

Staff member (ITFA)

Dr. B.W. (Ben) Freivogel

Staff member (ITFA)

Prof. dr. M.S. (Mark) Golden

Staff member (WZI)

Dr C.M.C. (Clelia) de Mulatier

Staff Member (ITFA)

A.P. (Arnaud) Nono Tchiomo

Postdoc (WZI)

Dr. A. (Arghavan) Safavi Naini

Staff member (ITFA and QuSoft)

Dr J.M. (Jory) Sonneveld

Staff member (IHEF)

J. (Jirina) Salkova MA


Dr. J. (Jordy) de Vries

Staff Member (IHEF)