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The ITFA Library is located in room C4.278 and consists of a small collection of science reference books, theses and science magazines.

Guidelines for Borrowing Books

The ITFA Library is a useful resource for everyone to enjoy.  It is aimed at people who need to borrow books on a short-term (one day) basis and it therefore, in most cases, contains only one copy of each book.  Many of the titles are also available in the University Library on the 1st floor of the Science Park.  People who wish to borrow a book for longer than a day are encouraged to borrow from the library on the first floor instead.  That way, other people who need to borrow the same book do not have to wait too long for it to be returned.

In order to keep track of the books, we have devised a simple system, detailed below:

1.  Take library card and fill out all details.  Please use one library card per book that you are borrowing. 

2.  Remove book and insert library card in its place.

3.  On returning the book, remove card, cross out your name and details and replace the book on the shelf where it was.

4.  Replace library card in folder to be used again.


  • Please do not borrow books for more than one day at a time.
  • Please do not take books home.


For a full list of books, please refer to the current catalogue.  Please note, this catalogue does not include PhD theses or magazines.