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Summer Internship

Paid Research Opportunity for UvA/VU Bachelor and Master Students

IoP/DPA Paid Summer Internship

Diversity is important for the success of physics. The Institute of Physics (UvA) and Department of Physics and Astronomy (VU) want to stimulate diversity by offering about 10 specially-selected Bachelor (those about to begin their final year) and Master students of diverse backgrounds the opportunity to explore their interest (of a career) in physics. 

The duration of the internship is one month and will take place in July, for about 38 hours per week. Part-time internship over a longer period of time is also an option.
During the internship you will be part of one of the research groups within IoP/DPA and work on a theoretical or experimental research project. You will have a chance to choose from a selection of projects. You will receive personal supervision, and we will also organize special events for the whole group. The internship will take place on location, at Science Park 904 (UvA) or in the WN building (VU).
The stipend for the internship is 1000 EUR. Please contact the council if you would like to apply but have concerns about the timing or the stipend amount. We are willing to consider your situation. 

Who: motivated UvA/VU students who contribute to the diversity within IoP (e.g. socioeconomic background, gender, LGBTQ+, ethnicity, disability, or any other categories). Tell us how you will contribute to a more diverse environment within the IoP. Bachelor students entering their last year, Master students who are about to enroll in the UvA/VU programme and Master students entering the second year are welcome to apply.
Procedure: Applications can be submitted until and including 26th April 2024. Please send an email to, including the following:

  • a copy of your transcript (please put your name in the file name)
  • a motivation letter of one page, indicating why this internship is suitable for you and your field of interest, and how you will contribute to amore diverse environment within the IoP. (please put your name in the file name)

Decisions will be made by late May, and matching with a supervisor/project will take place after that. 

Applications from outside UvA/VU will not be assessed.

It is vital to make physics more representative of society as a whole: not only do diverse teams and organizations perform better than those that are not, it also expands the talent pool. The Institute of Physics (UvA) and Department of Physics and Astronomy (VU) in cooperation with the Diversity and Inclusion Council at the Institute of Physics, have offered students from diverse backgrounds the opportunity to take part in a full month of paid research at one of the two institutes.

Questions? Please contact Arghavan or Ben with questions about science, or talk to Jirina at the secretariat IoP about admin questions. 



Dr. A. (Arghavan) Safavi Naini

Faculty of Science


Dr. B.W. (Ben) Freivogel

Faculty of Science


J. (Jirina) Salkova MA

Faculty of Science

Institute of Physics