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Research groups

Condensed Matter Theory

The research of the Condensed Matter Theory group focuses on collective effects in quantum and classical many-body systems.

Dark Matter (Xenon1T collaboration)

The XENON1T experiment is a 3500kg liquid xenon detector used to search for the elusive Dark Matter that fills the universe.


At GRAPPA, physicists tackle profound and challenging questions in astroparticle physics with advanced and innovative methods.

History of Physics

The main focus of the History of Physics group, led by Prof. Jeroen van Dongen, is on the history of modern physics.

Neutrinos (Antares and KM3NeT collaborations)

The neutrino group works on the Antares and KM3NeT detectors - neutrino telescopes located deep in the Mediterranean Sea.

Optoelectronic / Nanophotonic Materials

This group conducts research on optical, opto-electronic and photo-voltaic properties of nano-materials, focusing on nano-forms of silicon.

Particle Physics (ATLAS collaboration at LHC)

Atlas is an experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, studying proton-proton collisions at a 14 TeV center-of-mass energy.

Particle Physics, Cosmology, Gauge Theory

This theoretical physics research group is led by prof. Eric Laenen. Research in this theme also takes place at the Nikhef theory group.

Quantum Gases & Quantum Information

We are an experimental group using ultracold neutral atoms as a medium to investigate interesting quantum physics.

Quantum Matter

This research group studies the quantum properties of matter and is part of the Hard Condensed Matter Research program.

Soft Matter

Soft materials have exceptional mechanical, optical or functional properties and find applications in industrial sectors and society.

String Theory

String theory aims to unify all particles and forces in nature, including gravity, in a way consistent with quantum mechanics and relativity.