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String Theory

Program Amsterdam String Workshop 2019

There will be two talks per day and each one hour long. On Monday the talks take place at 11:30 and 15:00, and from Tuesday until Friday at 10:00 and 11:30.  Follow the link below to see the schedule.

In addition we will have discussion sessions in the afternoon at 16:00. The purpose of these sessions is to have informal discussions on topics that the participants find interesting and relevant. For example, following up on questions during the talks, or a topic that is of interest to several participants. These discussions will be moderated by the postdocs that are part of the SNH collaboration. 

Week 1: July 15-19 

Speaker Title
Eva Silverstein TT\bar and (A)dS subregion dualities
Tom Hartman Modular bootstrap and sphere packing
Rob Myers Complexity, Holography & QFT: A Progress Report
Pawel Caputa It from Local Excited States (Review)
Steve Shenker Statistical properties of black hole microstates
Piotr Sulkowski Knots and physics: an update
Mark van Raamsdonk TBA
Daniel Jafferis ER=EPR
Sergei Gukov 3d-3d status report
Netta Engelhardt Status Report: the Apparent Horizon In Holography

Week 2: July 22-26

Speaker Title
David Tong 2d Fermions and Topological Phases
Andrew Lucas Recent developments on quantum chaos/OTOCs
Laura Donnay Conformally soft photons and gravitons
Simeon Hellerman The large quantum number expansion
Johanna Erdmenger A new gravity dual for a supersymmetric defect RG flow and holographic Kondo models
Anatoly Dymarsky Eigenstate Thermalization in 2d Conformal Field Theories
Ziqi Yan Nonrelativistic String Theory and T-Duality
Gary Shiu Weak Gravity Conjecture and Black Holes
Ning Bao Update on Entanglement of Purification
Luca Delacretaz Diffusive fluctuations