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String Theory

Poster Session and Gong Show

The poster session will take place on Tuesday July 16. It starts with a 1 minute Gong-Show at 15:00 in room C0.02, followed by the poster discussion in the coffee break area.

  • De Sitter Space in the Unruh State, Lars Aalsma, University of Amsterdam

  • Nonlinear Langevin dynamics via holography, Bidisha Chakrabarty, ICTS-TIFR Bangalore

  • Integrability and Holography for 6d N=(1,0) SCFTs, Jeroen van Gorsel, Swansea University

  • Lessons on Eternal Traversable Wormholes in AdS, Victor Godet and Antonio Rotundo, University of Amsterdam

  • Chaos bound in Bershadsky-Polyakov theory, Surbhi Khetrapal, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

  • Holography at finite cutoff with a T2 deformation, Jorrit Kruthoff, University of Amsterdam

  • Non-Relativistic Supersymmetry on Three-Manifolds, Johannes Lahnsteiner, University of Groningen

  • The Geometry of a Black Hole Microstate, Sagar Lokhande, University of Amsterdam 

  • SL(3) Chern-Simons Higher Spin and Open Toda Chain Theories, Chen-Te Ma, South China Normal University and University of Cape Town.

  • Einstein gravity from ANEC correlators, GrĂ©goire Mathys, University of Amsterdam

  • Gravitational Anomalies in nAdS2/nCFT1, Beatrix Muhlmann, University of Amsterdam

  • Non-relativistic strings, Gerben Oling, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen

  • Carrollian fluids​, Watse Sybesma, University of Iceland

  • Spacetime Geometry of Nonrelativistic String Theory, Ceyda Simsek, University of Groningen

  • Shock Waves in de Sitter Space, Evita Verheijden, University of Amsterdam