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Group of Dr. Irene Aguilera

  • First-principles calculations of ground state and excited state properties
  • Electronic and optical properties of materials for spintronics, photonics and photovoltaics
  • Density functional theory and many-body perturbation theory
  • Topological matter, 2D materials, van der Waals heterostructures
  • Materials with strong spin-orbit interactions

Group of Prof. Dr. Jean-Sébastien Caux

  • Strongly correlated systems: cold atomic gases, quantum spin systems, quantum dots and quantum wires
  • Integrable models
  • Equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium phenomena
  • Nonperturbative theoretical methods

Group of Dr. Philippe Corboz

  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Novel states of matter in quantum spin systems
  • Development of numerical methods for many-body systems
  • Tensor network algorithms and Monte Carlo methods

Group of Dr. Vladimir Gritsev

  • Strongly-correlated systems
  • Exactly solvable models and field theory
  • Non-equilibrium quantum dynamics
  • Quantum optics

Group of Dr. Sara Jabbari Farouji

  • Soft condensed matter and statistical Physics
  • Active matter
  • Supramolecular self-assembly  and Polymer physics
  • Deformation of solid-like polymers

Group of Dr. Edan Lerner

  • Marginal stability in disordered materials
  • Emergence of solidity & the `jamming' transition
  • The elasto-plastic yielding transition
  • Mechanics of bio-materials

Group of Dr. Clélia de Mulatier

  • Physics of data, development of methods for solving inverse problems (statistical inference, Bayesian model selection; information theory)
  • Classical spin models with high-order interactions (properties and inverse problem)
  • Statistical physics of complex systems; theory and simulation (e.g. emergent phenomena, out-of-equilibrium properties)
  • Stochastic processes in/out-of-equilibrium; branching processes, anomalous diffusion

Group of Prof. Dr. Theo M. Nieuwenhuizen

  • Condensed matter and statistical physics
  • Theoretical modeling of ideal quantum measurements
  • Dark matter and structure formation in the early universe

Group of Dr. Emilia Olsson

  • Atomic scale design of functional materials
  • Crystalline, disordered, and amorphous materials
  • Bulk, surface, and interface structures
  • Density functional theory simulations and molecular dynamics

Group of Prof. Dr. Kareljan Schoutens

  • Topological phases of matter as realised in fractional quantum Hall systems and cold atomic matter
  • Non-Abelian braid statistics and topological quantum computation
  • Quantum information: quantum simulation and quantum control of multi-qubit registers
  • Supersymmetric lattice models: mathematical structure and field theory connections

Group of Dr. Jasper van Wezel

  • Strongly correlated electron systems
  • Competing instabilities in electronically ordered materials
  • Emergent phenomena in quantum information
  • Consequences of spontaneous symmetry breaking