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Contact the council

For all sorts of questions relevant for PhD's or Postdocs at the Institute of Physics contact the council via our email address

Please note that we are a council formed by PhD's and Postdocs and do not decide on hiring people.

The current council members introduce themselves below.

Council Members

Rebekka Koch:

After having finished my Bachelor's degree at the HU Berlin I moved to Amsterdam in 2016 where I got to know this Institute and the UvA during my Master studies. I immediately liked the atmosphere and I am thus very happy about the opportunity to continue with a PhD in the condensed matter group. While I work on integrable models and the Bethe ansatz (which is a rather one-dimensional field), my spare time is filled with a multitude of activities including bouldering, music and fine arts. To help improving the work environment so that all PhDs and PostDocs have a similarly pleasant stay at the IoP as me I joined the council. Please don't hesitate to contact me or any other council member if you feel that something is missing at the IoP, that something bothers you or you have a great idea for a new activity. Your input is very welcome.

Jaco de Swart:

I am a trained philosopher and physicist, doing a PhD that combines both. Besides working on the history and philosophy of the problem of dark matter, I also concern myself with the practical matter of doing science. Doing science should be creative, open, and inspiring. Hence I believe it is important that the conditions are right for PhDs to actually experience this. My task, as I see it, is indeed to make sure that all graduates can flourish in our department. 

Mr J.G. (Jaco) de Swart MA MSc

Faculty of Science


Evita Verheijden:

In 2018 I joined the String Theory Group as a PhD candidate. My research mainly involves black holes, wormholes and the information paradox; I also write about these topics regularly for the website the Quantum Universe. My focus in the PhD/PD Council is mostly on the mental well-being of IoP's employees, which I believe is vital to be able to do research. To keep my own mental health in check, I like to go to the movies, play the piano, read, and organize dinner&film-viewings at my place. If you want to talk to me about anything related to life at the IoP, please don't hesitate to contact me (in better times you will likely be able to find me in my office C4.273 - if not, write me an e-mail!). 

Ms E.M.H. (Evita) Verheijden BSc

Faculty of Science


Bart van Voorden:

I'm a PhD student in the condensed matter theory group since September 2016, but I've been at the UvA for a longer time, since I also did my BSc and MSc here, so you could say that I'm familiar with the UvA and the IoP. My PhD is on the topic of topological phases/order in condensed matter systems in general, with a special focus on artificial gauge fields in ultracold atoms, mainly in relation to some experiments being done here at the IoP. After a long day of doing physics, I like to go for a run, read some books or go for some drinks with friends. Please don't hesitate to talk to me or any of the other PhD-PD council members about anything regarding your PhD/PD, improving the institute, fun activities or just for a social talk!

Former Council Members

  • Thijs de Goede
  • Damian Galante
  • Antonio Capretti
  • Carla Sanna
  • Maureen Dinkgreve
  • Laurens Kabir
  • Niki Klop
  • Julie Desarnaud
  • Nick de Jong
  • Rens Limpens
  • Hamish Silverwood
  • Georgios Skantzaris
  • Rogier Vlijm