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Results: 41 - 60 of 340
Results: 41 - 60 of 340
  • A new hub for quantum innovations: Quantum.Amsterdam
    11 Jun 2020
    The University of Amsterdam, CWI and QuSoft have jointly established a new innovation hub for developing quantum software and applications. The Quantum.Amsterdam hub aims to connect the ambitions of leading knowledge ...
  • Coronavirus: the importance of ventilation
    28 May 2020
    Using laser light techniques, UvA physicists and medical researchers have found that small cough droplets, potentially containing virus particles, can float in the air in a room for many minutes, especially when the ...
  • Blob of Tubifex worms
    The surprising viscosity of entangled worms
    26 May 2020
    By performing experiments on Tubifex worms bought at the local pet shop, researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) have discovered that the wiggling motion of living worms gives rise to surprising physics. The ...
  • A tiny lens with an on/off switch
    1 May 2020
    A team of physicists from the universities of Stanford and Amsterdam, led by UvA-physicist Jorik van de Groep, have constructed a new type of lens, with a thickness of only a single layer of atoms, that can be turned ...
  • Two ENW-KLEIN grants for IoP physicists
    22 Apr 2020
    The Board of the NWO Domain Science has awarded sixteen applications in the Open Competition Domain Science - KLEIN. Two of the awarded grants involve UvA-IoP physicists. Michael Walter received a grant for his ...
  • Black holes may shed light on dark matter
    20 Apr 2020
    In a paper that appeared in the journal Physical Review Letters this week, astrophysicists from the University of Amsterdam propose a new way of potentially detecting dark matter.
  • Robert Spreeuw's "donut modes" paper chosen as classic by PRA
    15 Mar 2020
    The 1992 paper on the orbital angular momentum of light by Les Allen, Marco Beijersbergen, Robert Spreeuw (UvA-IoP) and Han Woerdman has been chosen as one of three "classic" papers by the journal Physical Review A.
  • Eiichiro Komatsu appointed Physics and Astronomy Visiting Professor
    10 Mar 2020
    In the context of the Visiting Professorship programme of the institutes of Physics and Astronomy of the UvA and the VU, Prof. Eiichiro Komatsu will visit Amsterdam for four weeks starting late February 2020. Prof. ...
  • Jeroen van den Brink appointed Physics and Astronomy Visting Professor
    24 Feb 2020
    In the context of the Visiting Professorship programme of the institutes of Physics and Astronomy of the UvA and the VU, Prof. Jeroen van den Brink is visiting Amsterdam for four months starting January 2020. Prof. ...
    UvA physicists involved in three ENW-GROOT projects
    24 Feb 2020
    This week, NWO has awarded several grants within the open competition ENW-GROOT for research consortia. In no less than three of the awarded projects, UvA physicists are involved.
    ENW-GROOT for TOPCORE consortium
    24 Feb 2020
    NWO has awarded a grant of € 3 million within the open competition ENW-GROOT to the TOPCORE consortium led by UvA-physicist Dr. Erik van Heumen. The program aims to investigate materials with which the researchers ...
  • Cooling
    IoP physicists cool an atom-ion mixture to the quantum regime
    3 Feb 2020
    Over the past years, physicists have developed techniques to create extremely cold atoms and ions. These ultra-cold particles have many uses; for example, they can be used as building blocks for quantum computers and ...
  • Spray
    Daniel Bonn awarded Industrial Partnership Program grant
    3 Feb 2020
    A consortium led by Daniel Bonn (UvA-Institute of Physics) has been awarded a €1.7 million NWO Industrial Partnership Program grant. The consortium will work with the Medspray company to develop spray heads for ...
  • Salt creeping
    Creeping of salt better understood
    13 Jan 2020
    When salty water evaporates, the salt can crystallize and creep over a long distance. This effect, which can cause serious problems in for example outdoor electronics, was investigated in detail by a team of ...
  • Two up-and-coming UvA scientists receive Rubicon grants
    13 Jan 2020
    Physicist Horng Sheng Chia and psychologist Jonas Dalege have received Rubicon grants from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) to do research at foreign research institutes. The Rubicon ...
  • Paul Planken
    HTSM funding for Paul Planken
    6 Jan 2020
    Paul Planken, ARCNL group leader and professor at the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam has been granted a project within the program High Tech Systems and Materials (HTSM) of NWO. Planken will ...
  • Christoph Weniger
    ERC Consolidator Grant for Christoph Weniger
    6 Jan 2020
    The European Research Council (ERC) has awarded a €2 million Consolidator Grant to UvA astrophysicist Christoph Weniger for the project 'UnDark – New Approaches to Uncover Dark Matter in the post-WIMP Era'.
  • Speed skater Arjen van der Kieft
    The physics of ice skating
    16 Dec 2019
    Ice skating is one of the most popular pastimes in the Netherlands. Everyone knows how to do it, yet physicists are only now beginning to understand the underlying processes that make it possible. In a News and Views ...
  • eTEC
    Christoph Weniger receives 'Big Science' grant for dark matter research
    16 Dec 2019
    The 'DarkGenerators' proposal by UvA astrophysicist Christoph Weniger was awarded an Innovative eScience Technologies for ‘Big Science’ grant from the Netherlands eScience Center and SURFsara. With the grant, Weniger ...
  • Fluorescence intensity image of the contact between a polystyrene sphere and the glass substrate.
    Slippery when wet: how does lubrication work?
    12 Dec 2019
    In a recent paper in Sciences Advances, researchers from the University of Amsterdam present new experimental insight into how lubrication works. They have developed a new method using fluorescent molecules to ...