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Results: 41 - 60 of 364
Results: 41 - 60 of 364
  • First NWO Communication Award goes to the wall formula project by physicists from Amsterdam and Leiden
    1 Dec 2020
    Ivo van Vulpen and Sense Jan van der Molen have won the very first ENW Communication Award from research funder NWO for their wall formula project. The prize, that aims to encourage scientists to communicate about ...
  • Young Talent awards for five UvA students
    30 Nov 2020
    On November 30, five UvA students received a Young Talent Incentive Award of 500 euros from the Royal Holland Society of Sciences (KHMW).
  • gran sasso
    NWA-ORC for neutrino observations
    25 Nov 2020
    A consortium of knowledge institutions and public stakeholders, led by UvA physicist Auke Pieter Colijn, was awarded a 1.1 million euro NWA-ORC grant to study so-called ‘relic neutrinos’ that came into existence in ...
  • black hole
    Black hole research receives NWA grant
    25 Nov 2020
    The Dutch Black Hole Consortium will receive a 4.9 million euro grant for interdisciplinary research about black holes. In the project, which will be coordinated at Utrecht University, several UvA physicists are ...
  • Lotte Mertens
    Lotte Mertens wins Lorentz Graduation Award
    23 Nov 2020
    Lotte Mertens (UvA-IoP) will receive the Lorentz Graduation Award for Theoretical Physics, awarded annually by the Royal Holland Society of Sciences and Humanities. In her prize-winning master’s thesis, Mertens ...
  • metamaterial
    Physicists rapport new breakthrough in field of topological matter
    13 Nov 2020
    Sometimes, the inside of a material can determine what happens on the outside. A team of physicists from the University of Amsterdam has devised a new way to make use of this general truth, in particular in systems ...
  • Magnet
    Special superconductor performs even better in a magnetic field
    12 Nov 2020
    In a recent featured review written for Physics Today, Anne de Visser (UvA-IoP) explains how some very special materials can conduct electricity without any resistance – and behave even better when a magnetic field ...
  • Spreeuw et al.
    Robert Spreeuw's donut-mode paper in Milestone Collection
    9 Nov 2020
    In March of this year, the 1992 paper on the orbital angular momentum of light by Les Allen, Marco Beijersbergen, Robert Spreeuw (UvA-IoP) and Han Woerdman was chosen as one of three "classic" papers by the journal ...
  • New Pandemic Science initiative requests scientific community to review research
    6 Nov 2020
    The world is dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Fighting the new virus and its effects requires research and insights from many disciplines.
  • Prestigious award for PhD candidate Emma Mamisoa Nomena
    2 Nov 2020
    PhD candidate at Institute of Physics Emma Mamisoa Nomena won a prestigious Green Talents Award for the fabrication of bio-based materials using cellulose.
  • Marcel Vreeswijk appointed Professor of Experimental Physics
    30 Oct 2020
    Prof. Marcel Vreeswijk has been appointed Professor of Experimental Physics of Top Quarks at the Faculty of Science of the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
  • Coronavirus: the risk of aerosols
    27 Oct 2020
    A team consisting of physicists from the University of Amsterdam and medical researchers from the Amsterdam UMC and the Cardiology Centers of the Netherlands, has investigated the potential role of small aerosol ...
  • Science Colloquium: a special lecture by Nobel Prize winner prof. Takaaki Kajita
    26 Oct 2020
    Have you always wanted to listen to a talk by a Nobel Prize winner in Physics, and ask them questions about their field? Here is your chance! Professor Takaaki Kajita, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for his ...
  • Xenon1T
    ENW-KLEIN for dark mater research Colijn and Postma
    22 Oct 2020
    Even tough 25 percent of the universe is made out of dark matter, it has never been observed in the lab. Physicists Auke-Pieter Colijn and Marieke Postma have obtained an ENW-KLEIN grant from NWO to search for hidden ...
  • Noushine Shahidzadeh appointed professor of Crystallization in Porous Media
    9 Oct 2020
    Dr Noushine Shahidzadeh has been appointed professor of Crystallization in Porous Media at the Faculty of Science at the University of Amsterdam (UvA).
  • Aerosols persist in insufficiently ventilated elevator cabins
    23 Sep 2020
    Aerosols can persist for periods of ten to twenty minutes inside an elevator – during normal operation. With the elevator doors permanently closed, this period can increase to thirty minutes, while it decreases to ...
  • Damage
    Physics protecting art
    22 Sep 2020
    Sometimes the arts and the sciences find surprising ways to collaborate. This month, the Crystinart-programme was kicked off – an initiative of UvA physicist Prof. Noushine Shahidzadeh that aims to protect artworks ...
  • Sculptor
    Dark matter even more elusive than previously thought
    17 Sep 2020
    Dark matter is even more elusive than thought before. This is the main message of a new study by a group of scientists that includes Shin’ichiro Ando of the Institute of Physics at the University of Amsterdam. The ...
  • Jan de Boer
    Jan de Boer new member of Executive Board Dutch Research Council
    27 Aug 2020
    The Minister of Education, Culture and Science has appointed UvA-IoP physicist Prof. Jan de Boer as a member of the Executive Board of the Dutch Research Council (NWO). De Boer will also become the new chair of NWO’s ...
  • Cover
    Towards a silicon light source
    20 Aug 2020
    A team of physicists led by Kateřina (Dohnalová) Newell from the University of Amsterdam, have devised a new way to improve the optical properties of silicon nanocrystals, which under normal cicrumstances are quite ...