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Results: 361 - 364 of 364
Results: 361 - 364 of 364
  • FOM 'Projectruimte' grant for three FNWI scientists
    24 Oct 2011
    The executive board of the Foundation for Fundamental Research of Matter (FOM) has awarded 'Projectruimte' grants to three FNWI researchers: prof. Paul de Jong (IoP), prof. Peter Bolhuis (HIMS) and dr. Peter Schall ...
  • Kickoff meeting GRAPPA
    17 Oct 2011
    On Friday October 21st the GRAPPA research priority area of the UvA and the Faculty of Science / FNWI organises a kickoff meeting to highlight the arrival of four new faculty members: Shin'ichiro Ando, Gianfranco ...
  • Silicon nanocrystals pave way for better solar cells
    10 Oct 2011
    Closely packed silicon nanocrystals have the ability to very efficiently convert incoming light in at least twice as many carriers. This was shown by a group of physicists from the University of Amsterdam in ...
  • Dr P.J. de Jong
    19 Nov 2009
    Dr P.J. de Jong (1965) has been named professor by special appointment of Experimental High Energy Physics - a chair at the University of Amsterdam's Faculty of Science designated on behalf of the Society for the ...