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Participants LDQCM Workshop 2015

Of the people invited to this year's workshop, the following are confirmed or to be confirmed:

Alexandre Abanov            

Stony Brook University
Eddy Ardonne                    Stockholm University
Assaad Fakher                   University of Wuerzburg
Erez Berg                         Weizman Institute
Emil Bergholtz                   Free University of Berlin
Denis Bernard                   ENS & CRNS
Andrei B Bernevig               Princeton University
Andrea Cappelli                 INFN, Florence
Sebastian Diehl                  TU Dresden
Benjamin Doyon                 King's College London
Sebastian Erne Thphys Heidelberg

Fabian Essler                    

Oxford University
Paul Fendley                     Oxford University
Andrew Green                     UCL
Mohammad Hafezi              University of Maryland
F. Duncan M. Haldane         Princeton University
Liza Huisje                        Stanford University
Robert Konik                      Brookhaven National Lab
Andreas Lauchli                 University of Innsbruck
Austen Lamacroft  University of Cambridge
Miguel A. Martin Delgado     Universidad Complutense Madrid
Dragan Mihailovic               Jozef Stefan Institute and Uni. Ljubljana
Frederic Mila                      EPF Lausanne
Joel Moore                          UC Berkeley
Giuseppe Mussardo            SISSA
Philip Phillips                    University of Illinois
Thilo Plücker                      RWTH Aachen University
Tomaz Prosen                     University of Ljubljana
Enrico Randellini                INFN and University of Florence
Hubert Saleur                     IPhT CEA Saclay
Jörg Schmiedmayer            Vienne Center for Quantum Science and Technology, TU-Wien
Steven Simon                     Oxford University
Maarten Wegewijs              Peter Grünberg Institute, Forschungszentrum Jülich

Local participants: