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Sometimes old equipment which is no longer used can get a new life and be useful elsewhere. Such was the case for a sputtering machine, bought long ago by IoP-physicist Jeroen Goedkoop and used for research by his colleauge Tom Gregorkiewicz.

After the sad passing of Tom Gregorkiewicz in 2019, the sputtering machine was no longer in use. The machine has found a new life through long-standing connections with the Phenikaa University in Hanoi, Vietnam, which came about through a collaboration programme many years ago.

sputtering machine

The machine was first transported to Twente where it was revised by our colleauges there, and eventually arrived in Hanoi in October. The good condition of the equipment helped to swiftly bring it back to life. Phenikaa rector Prof. Pham Thanh Huy and researcher and Dr. Ngoc Ngo Ha (who is alumnus from Tom Gregorkiewicz' group) are very happy with the machine and hope to enjoy it for a long time to come.