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Physicist Daniel Bonn (UvA-Institute of Physics) was elected as a member of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW). Bonn is one of 22 new members to be inducted on Monday 12 September.
Daniel Bonn
Daniel Bonn

Daniel Bonn (1967) has played a revolutionary role in the research of complex liquids such as blood, shampoo or oil. Thanks to him the fundamental physics behind the transition of these substances from solid to liquid or vice versa is now better understood. This has also increased the understanding of the instability of blood in veins or oil in pipelines. Bonn is also a pioneer in investigating the interaction between liquids and solids. His work has important practical applications. As a result, he shares his insights with industrial partners and collaborates with medical researchers, among other things on the spreading the corona virus through aerosols. Blood splatter analysis in forensic trace research and an invironmentally friendly way to spray pesticides are other applications of his work.

The members of the KNAW, around 600 in total, are prominent scientists from all disciplines. The membership of the KNAW is lifelong.