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During a recent KNAW webinar, speakers from several relevant disciplines gathered to discuss the recent insights into the (aerosol) transmission of the coronavirus. As a result of this meeting, scientists from the University of Amsterdam, Cambridge University and Twente University drafted an information document with the latest scientific insights.

The main question that the document addresses is the question what science can say about the different ways of spreading the SARS-CoV2 virus which causes COVID19. In particular the spreading through aerosols has led to numerous discussions ever since the pandemic started. This shows the important need for up-to-date information about the persistence of aerosols and about possible ventilation techniques that can dimisish the risk of infectuous aerosols.

The document provides background information about what scientists currently know, and points out that a large number of observations is hard to explain without including aerosol infections in the explanations. ‘Aerosolen, ventilatie en COVID19’ also discusses open questions - in particular the importance of the different means of infection.