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NWO has awarded a grant of € 3 million within the open competition ENW-GROOT to the TOPCORE consortium led by UvA-physicist Dr. Erik van Heumen. The program aims to investigate materials with which the researchers want to find novel ways to gain control over their electrical properties.

A schematic depiction of the research directions of the TOPCORE consortium

Next to Van Heumen, also Dr. Anne de Visser from the UvA-Institute of Physics is involved in the consortium that consists of 9 other researchers from in total 6 Dutch Universities. The consortium aims to kickstart a new field of research, with the goal to develop novel materials that change their electrical or magnetic properties strongly under small perturbations such as pressure, temperature or applied electric field. To achieve this goal, the TOPCORE program combines groundbreaking ideas from the mathematical field of topology with experiments and theoretical investigations of recently discovered materials.