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A consortium led by Daniel Bonn (UvA-Institute of Physics) has been awarded a €1.7 million NWO Industrial Partnership Program grant. The consortium will work with the Medspray company to develop spray heads for extremely controlled nanosprays. Countless products employ such a spray head to convert a liquid into a spray of droplets. For certain applications it is necessary to accurately control droplet size, spray dose and spray duration.

A spray of droplets

The high-tech company Medspray and the University of Amsterdam will together take on the challenge of designing a new kind of nanotech silicon spray head that can be produced cheaply and with great precision, and which delivers controlled sprays with unique specifications. This will help open up new markets, in areas such as medical sprays and beauty and home care products.

The Industrial Partnership Program is intended for public-private collaboration between at least one company and at least one knowledge institute. The projects are 50% funded by the business community and 50% by NWO. The awarded grant is in line with the Top Sectors HTSM, Energy and Chemistry.