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The board of NWO Domain Science (ENW) has granted funding for ten proposals in the Physics Projectruimte. Of the ten granted proposals, two were submitted by UvA scientists.

One of the granted proposals was sumbitted by Dr Samaya Nissanke (UvA-IoP) in the area of gravitational wave physics. The other proposal, dealing with the study of supercooled water, was submitted by Prof. Sander Woutersen (UvA-HIMS) and Prof. Daniel Bonn (UvA-IoP).

Seeing and Hearing the Violent Universe

Gravitational waves - ripples in the fabric of spacetime - and electromagnetic light can finally be detected from pairs of neutron stars and black holes merging. Nissankes project will use them to measure the fundamental physics of extreme states of matter in neutron stars - the most dense objects in the Universe - and to search for new, exotic compact stars.

New Light on Supercooled Water

According to many theorists, the strange properties of water are the result of the existence of two liquid forms of deeply supercooled water, but so far this controversial idea has not been proven directly. The project proposed by Woutersen and Bonn will try to  experimentally observe the two liquid forms, and discover how they differ from each other.

Physics Projectruimte

The Physics Projectruimte is one of the funding instruments that NWO has for supporting physics research. Until 1 May 2018, researchers could continuously submit proposals to the Physics Projectruimte. The funding instrument has now been closed.

In August 2018, the NWO Domain Science has opened a new domain-wide ‘Open Competition’ where physicists can submit their ideas for curiosity-driven fundamental research. Within the ‘Open Competition’ there are two instruments: one for small-scale projects and investments (OC Domain Science - KLEIN) and one for large-scale projects (OC Domain Science - GROOT).