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prof. dr. M.S. (Mark) Golden

  • Faculty of Science
    Van der Waals-Zeeman Instituut
  • Visiting address
    Science Park A
    Science Park 904  Amsterdam
    Room number: C4.236
  • Postal address:
    Postbus  94485
    1090 GL  Amsterdam
    T: 0205256363

Research interests

My present research focuses on the experimental investigation of the electronic structure and properties of quantum electron matter and emergent materials. Our aim is to understand the surprising behaviour of low dimensional and strongly interacting electronic systems, via direct, spectroscopic interrogation of the energy, momentum and spatial distributions of the electronic system. Unconventional superconductors such as Fe pnictides, colossal magnetoresistance manganites, transition oxide heterointerfaces and topological insulators are our current focus, and are being studied using angle-resolved photoemission, soft X-ray absorption and dichroism, hard x-ray photoemission and STM/STS. To enable these studies, we grow our own high-quality single-crystals of these materials, fabricate our own 1D nanostructures in ultrahigh vacuum and collaborate with leading thin film growth laboratories, both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Working on tomorrow's materials today

The systems we work on are at the forefront of fundamental solid state physics research, but also possess potential for eventual application in future technologies connected to energy (superconductors), spintronics (topological insulators, magnetoresistive systems) and nanoscience (1D systems, oxide heterointerfaces).

Quantum Electron Matter research group

The QEM group, together with Prof. Tom Gregorkiewicz & Dr. Katrina Dohnalova's Optoelectronic / Nanophotonic Materials group, forms the Hard Condensed Matter research cluster in WZI-IoP.
Research staff are Anne de Visser, Yingkai Huang, Erik van Heumen, Hermann Dürr, Jeroen Goedkoop & myself. Hermann Dürr is 'professor by special appointment' at the UvA, his main affiliation being at the SIMES institute at SLAC near Stanford.

At present the group in Amsterdam comprises seven PhD researchers and one postdoctoral researcher, as well as two final-year MSc student. At SIMES there is also one young researcher working with Prof. Dürr's group, who will get his PhD's from the UvA.

Our research is supported by FOM - the physics devision of the Dutch NSF organisation (called NWO). Research support comes in the form of national research programmes:

  • Topological Insulators (whole programme co-ordinated by Golden)
  • 1D Physics (co-ordinated by Harold Zandvliet, UTwente)
  • Tailoring 2-dimensional electron systems in complex oxides (co-ordinated by Hans Hilgenkamp, UTwente)

and single-PI grants ('projectruimte') on:

  • ferropnictide superconductors (Golden + Jeroen van den Brink of the IFW Dresden)
  • p-wave superconductivity in UCoGe (de Visser)
  • coherent x-ray scattering from charge and spin textures in transition metal oxides (Goedkoop)

In the recent past Erik van Heumen held his own NWO-veni grant on the iron pnictide superconductors. The EU also partially funds our frequent beamtimes at 3rd generation synchrotron sources such as HZB/BESSY in Berlin and the SLS at the PSI in Villigen, Switzerland.


I am co-author of over 130 publications in international, refereed journals and have given more than 110 invited talks at international conferences, workshops and at scientific colloquia.
For an up to date listing of my publications and their impact, see the following researcherID link:


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  • Nikitin, A. M. (2017). On the phase diagram of the superconducting ferromagnet UCoGe and other unconventional superconductors [details] [PDF]
  • Shi, B. (2017). Coherent X-ray scattering of charge order dynamics and phase separation in titanates [details / files]
  • Bayerle, A. (2017). Ultracold strontium and rubidium: Mixtures, quantum gases and molecules [details] [PDF]
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