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Hard Condensed Matter

Hard Condensed Matter

The Hard Condensed Matter research group carries out research within two focus areas: quantum matter (QMA) and optoelectronic / nanophotonic materials.

The programme concentrates on the electronic and optoelectronic properties of novel solid systems. In QMA, the novelty is embedded in the emergent properties of correlated electron materials, and for the semiconductor work, the unsurpassed materials processing properties of silicon-based systems are used to tune and manipulate optical and optoelectronic properties for nanophotovoltaic energy research.

Quantum Matter Amsterdam group

Optoelectronic / Nanophotonic Materials group


The programme exploits the lab's facilities for materials synthesis (bulk crystal and nanocrystal-film) and characterisation. High-end spectroscopic and transport-based measurements take place in the energy, time, r- and k-space domains both in Amsterdam as well as at a wide range of internationally renowned large scale facilities for synchrotron and FEL radiation, muons, neutrons and high magnetic fields.