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dr. M. (Merijn) Oudenampsen

Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences
GPIO : Geographies of Globalizations
Photographer: Steven Ligthert

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  • Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
  • Room number: B4.16
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  • Postbus 15629
    1001 NC Amsterdam
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    Merijn Oudenampsen (1979, Amsterdam) is a sociologist and political scientist. He pursued his PhD at Tilburg University, The conservative embrace of progressive values, focused on the intellectual backgrounds of the swing to the right in Dutch politics around the turn of the century. In the autumn of 2018, the Dutch edition, titled De conservatieve revolte appeared at Vantilt Uitgevers. It received nominations for best philosophy book and best book of 2018 by the Dutch newspaper of note, NRC Handelsblad. 

    His present research is focused on the political history of neoliberalism in the Netherlands. Together with Bram Mellink and Naomi Woltring, he forms part of the NWO-financied research project Market Makers. His research is focused on the policy shift towards a market-riented supply side politici in the 1970s and 1980s, making use of the analytical tools of intellectual history, institutional analysis and policy analysis. 

    A short blurb on the research: at first sight, the Dutch 1980s present the observer with something of a paradox. The 1980s are commonly known in the Netherlands as a decade of depoliticization and dissipating ideological claims. A period of technocratic “no-nonsense” politics. At the same time, the government coalitions led by the Christian Democrat Ruud Lubbers presided over a sharp transformation of socio-economic policies inspired on neoliberal ideas. In a short period of time, the Netherlands made a shift from a Keynesian demand-side policy to what was called a “moderate supply-side policy”. Frans Rutten, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, explicitly defended these reforms by reference to a long-term societal vision based on the work of Milton Friedman. Wil Albeda, Minister of Social Affairs from 1977 to 1981, referred to the group around Rutten as “drawing on the neoliberal arsenal as it has been thought out in the U.S.”

    The paradox of a sharp ideological shift, presented publicly in a depoliticized manner as no-nonsense politics, constitutes an intriguing deviation from existing theories of institutional change. According to Peter Hall, large shifts in ‘policy paradigms’ tend to be accompanied by politicization and a public contest over ideas. In his study of the changes under Thatcher, Hall noted a significant shift of power from existing policy elites to actors outside state institutions. The very opposite seems to have happened in the Netherlands: the paradigm shift took place in a context of depoliticization, with a leading role for policy elites. A closer look reveals that there was a sustained battle of ideas between Keynesians and Friedmanites within the different ministries. Could it be that the paradigm shift in the Netherlands was realized through a contest of ideas outside of the public view? How did Anglo-American inspirations relate to the homegrown tradition of Dutch neoliberalism?

  • Publications


    • Oudenampsen, M. (2018). The conservative embrace of progressive values: On the intellectual origins of the swing to the right in Dutch politics.



    • Mellink, A. G. M., & Oudenampsen, M. (2018). Bureaucrats first: The leading role of policy makers in the Dutch paradigm-shift of the 1980s. Manuscript in preparation.



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    Media appearance

    • Oudenampsen, M. (27-04-2019). 'De tank' botst met Baudet De Morgen. 'De tank' botst met Baudet.
    • Oudenampsen, M. (12-04-2019). Interview: De conservatieve revolte [Television] NPO Politiek. Het politieke boek: Interview over De conservatieve Revolte op NPO Politiek.
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    • Oudenampsen, M. (30-04-2018). Is Dutch bad boy Baudet the new face of the European alt right? [Print] The Nation. Is Dutch bad boy Baudet the new face of the European alt right?.
    • Oudenampsen, M. (12-02-2018). Frits Bolkestein liberaal? Eerder een nieuwrechtse denker [Print] Nederlands Dagblad. Bolkestein liberaal? Eerder een nieuwrechtse denker!.
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    • Oudenampsen, M. (09-02-2018). Verwar wetenschap niet met journalistiek De Volkskrant. Verwar wetenschap niet met journalistiek.
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    • Oudenampsen, M. (30-01-2018). Internationaal zie ik een nieuwe linkse golf opdoemen, alleen in Nederland niet [Print] De Volkskrant. Internationaal zie ik een nieuwe linkse golf opdoemen.
    • Oudenampsen, M. (25-01-2018). Een gezonde Hollandse afkeer van ideologie [Print] NRC Handelsblad. Recensie proefschrift in NRC.
    • Oudenampsen, M. (24-01-2018). Nieuw Rechts heeft een goed gevoel voor politieke marketing [Print] Trouw. Nieuw rechts heeft een goed gevoel voor politieke marketing.
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    • Oudenampsen, M. (organiser), Mellink, B. (organiser), de Haan , I. (organiser), Engelen, E. (organiser) & Woltring, N. (organiser) (29-8-2019 - 30-8-2019). De zichtbare hand, Utrecht. Dutch interdisciplinary two-day conference on neoliberalism research (organising a conference, workshop, ...).
    • Oudenampsen, M. (organiser) (2019). Building the neoliberal welfare state, Amsterdam. Workshop on the origins of neoliberal policy repertoires afterWorld War II in the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.The welfare state is often seen as (…) (organising a conference, workshop, ...).


    • Oudenampsen, M. (2018). The conservative embrace of progressive values: On the intellectual origins of the swing to the right in Dutch politics.
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