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Mr S.L. (Sjang) ten Hagen MSc

Faculty of Science

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  • Science Park 904
  • Room number: C4273B
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  • Postbus 94485
    1090 GL Amsterdam
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  • Research

    In my PhD project, I study relations between the sciences and the humanities in 19th-century Germany. I do so by tracing concepts and methods that moved between the disciplines of physics and history. For example, I have explored why both physicists and historians started to use the concept of “fact” around 1800, and how they interpreted it. Currently, I am studying the role of historical methods in Ernst Mach's physics.

    My research is part of The Flow of Cognitive Goods, a NWO project about epistemic transfer between disciplines in the period from 1800 to 2000.

  • Publications


    • Sjang L. Ten Hagen. "The Local versus the Global in the History of Relativity: The Case of Belgium." Science in Context, 33(3)(forthcoming).
    • Sjang L. Ten Hagen. "How 'Facts' Shaped Modern Disciplines: The Fluid Concept of Fact and the Common Origins of German Physics and Historiography." Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences 49(3), 300-337, link.
    • Rens Bod, Jeroen van Dongen, Sjang L. ten Hagen, Bart Karstens, & Emma Mojet. "The Flow of Cognitive Goods: A Novel Framework for the Historical Study of Epistemic Transfer." Isis 110(3), 483-496, link.
    • Anneke van Heteren, Roland C. van Dierendonk, Marie Beth van Egmond, Sjang L. ten Hagen, & Jippe Kreuning. 2017. "Neither slim nor fat: estimating the mass of the dodo (Raphus cucullatus, Aves, Columbiformes) based on the largest sample of dodo bones to date." PeerJ, 5:e4110 link.


    • Ten Hagen, S.L. (2017), "Lorraine Daston, ed., Science in the Archives: Pasts, Presents, Futures," History of Humanities 2(2), pp. 538-540, link.


    • VICE Motherboard, 19 July 2017, "Deze jonge wetenschapper liet me twijfelen aan de ontastbaarheid van feiten", (interview by Menno van den Bos), link.
    • Shells and Pebbles, 10 October 2016, "The Belgian Reception of Relativity", (blogpost based on Master's thesis), link.
  • Presentations

    Conferences (selected)

    • HSS Annual Meeting, Utrecht, July 2019, "Training Physicists and Historians in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Berlin: Exercises and Epistemic Virtues" (part of session organized together with Josephine Musil-Gutsch: "Objects and Methods between the Sciences and the Humanities").
    • HSS Annual Meeting, Seattle, November 2018, "The Common Origins and Changing Interpretations of the Concept 'Fact' in German Physics and Historiography" (part of session organized by Kristine Palmieri: "'Humanistic' Science, 'Scientific' Humanities: Towards an Integrated History of the Humanities and Science").
    • Making of the Humanities VII, University of Amsterdam, November 2018, "Practical Exercises and Epistemic Virtues in Nineteenth-Century Humanities and Science".
    • Science and the First World War: The Aftermath, Royal Society London, september 2018, "How the First World War shaped the international reception of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity".
    • 100 Years of Applying and Interpreting General Relativity, Universität Bern, September 2017, "Global Historiography and the Belgian Reception of Relativity" (with Jeroen van Dongen).
    • Making of the Humanities VI, University of Oxford, September 2017, "Flows between Humanities and Science: The ‘Fact’ and The ‘Seminar’" (part of panel organized together with Rens Bod, Bart Karstens, and Emma Mojet: "How the Humanities and Sciences Interact: The Flow of Cognitive Goods").


    • Radio Swammerdam, 28 April 2019, interview in radio show about "facts" link
    • Verkiezing Jonge Historicus van het Jaar 2018, Zaalverhuur 7, Utrecht, 28 June 2018, "Wat zijn 'feiten'? Een perspectief van een wetenschapshistoricus" (mini-keynote).
    • Happychaos: De Wankele Waarheid, Lab111, Amsterdam, 14 June 2017, "Over de geschiedenis van 'feiten''" (column).
  • CV

    2016 - 2020  PhD Candidate in NWO project The Flow of Cognitive Goods, University of Amsterdam

    Nov 2019  Guest scholar LMU München, Department "Wissenschaftsgeschichte"

    Dec 2018    Visiting Predoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Insitute for the History of Science (Department II), Berlin

    2014-2016  M.Sc. History and Philosophy of Science (cum laude), Utrecht University 

    2010-2014  B.Sc. Natural and Social Sciences (Bèta-gamma), major in physics, University of Amsterdam

  • Publications


    • Bod, R., van Dongen, J., ten Hagen, S. L., Karstens, B., & Mojet, E. (2019). The Flow of Cognitive Goods: A historiographical framework for the study of epistemic transfer. Isis, 110(3), 483-496. [details]
    • ten Hagen, S. L. (2019). How “Facts” Shaped Modern Disciplines: The Fluid Concept of Fact and the Common Origins of German Physics and Historiography. Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 49(3), 300-337.
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