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Physicist Chia-Ching Huang has won the award for best poster contribution in one of the symposia of the 2018 Spring Meeting of the European Materials Research Society (E-MRS) in Strassbourg. Huang, a PhD student at the Institute of Physics working in the group of Katerina Newell (Dohnalova), won the prize for his poster on photoluminescence anisotropy of organic and oxide passivated silicon nanocrystals.

The E-MRS Spring Meeting is a major international conference on materials research, divided into 29 parallel symposia. Chia-Ching Huang won the poster prize in symposium I: ‘Materials research for group IV semiconductors: growth, characterization and technological developments III’.


In his contribution, ‘Photoluminescence anisotropy of organic and oxide passivated silicon nanocrystals’, he presented his results on depicting types of radiative transitions in materials using preservation of polarization. This research on optical properties of materials is a well-known methodology to study quantum confinement and size effects on nanostructures. By using silicon nanocrystals of various sizes and surface terminations, Huang’s research helped distinguish the correlation between electronic structure and size around the Bohr radius, less than a ten-billionth of a meter.

Huang’s research was financially supported by NWO through FOM Projectruimte 15PR3230 on ‘Indirect-to-direct bandgap conversion in surface engineered Si and Ge nanostructures’.