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This month's colloquium will be given by Prof. Christopher Monroe, a quantum physicist who specializes in the isolation of individual atoms for applications in quantum information science.

Detail Summary
Date 21 February 2019
Time 16:00 - 17:00
Location Science Park H

Abstract: Quantum information science exploits the bizarre features of quantum mechanics --  uncertainty, entanglement, and measurement -- to perform tasks that are impossible using conventional means, such as computing over ungodly amounts of data, and communicating via teleportation.  I will describe the leading architecture of a scalable quantum computer, based on individual atoms that store and process quantum bits (qubits) of information. I will summarize the development and performance of atomic ion trap systems at both university and industrial settings, including demonstrations of quantum algorithms and simulations that show a path to scaling quantum computers to useful dimensions, and also a high-level software layer that allows autonomy and remote use via a cloud service.  I will also speculate on how this system can realistically be scaled to thousands of qubits and beyond with continued improvements in performance.

More information about the speaker:
The hosts of the speaker are Rene Gerritsma and Mark Golden.

Drinks after the colloquium will be served in the foyer of the H-building.



Room: H0.08

Science Park H

Science Park 912
1098 XH Amsterdam