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It's time to resume our monthly pizza lunch seminars! Come and enjoy a slice of pizza while listening to what your colleagues have been up to. This month's speakers will be; Laura Koenders (ESC), Chaokang Tai (HoP), Bastiaan van Hengel & Kim Brookman

Detail Summary
Date 4 December 2019
Time 13:00 - 15:00

The titles are as follows:

“The Teaching and Learning Centre is here! What we have to offer to help you with your teaching-skills.” Laura Koenders

“Ways of Viewing Science and Society” Chaokang Tai

“From basic high school physics to present day research, or how two Amsterdam physics teachers helped build a mobile MOT to become better representatives of the academic field of physics.”  Bastiaan van Hengel & Kim Brookman

So come find out what your colleagues have been up to over a slice of pizza or two!