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Prof. Rohini Godbole, visiting professor of the Indian Institute of Science and current incumbent of the Johannes Diderik van der Waals rotating chair, will give a special colloquium on 21 November 2018 starting at 15h00 entitled ‘Women in Science: The story from India’.

Detail Summary
Date 21 November 2018
Time 15:00 - 16:30

Prof. Godbole is one of the most prominent particle phenomenologists of India, with extraordinarily broad scientific interests ranging from astroparticle physics and Beyond the Standard Model to hadronic physics, where she has written more than 250 papers. As part of her stay in Amsterdam she gave a series of inspiring lectures on probing physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) at current and future colliders

She is also highly active in the issue of women in science, and has been an inspirational figure in that regard. This is the topic of her special colloquium.

Women in Science: The story from India

Prof Godbole will present a summary on the status of women in science in India based on two studies that have been conducted at the governmental level. She will discuss various schemes and action plans that have been put in place, both before and after the studies. Programs run by the Indian Academies of Sciences and books that have been brought out, containing autobiographical sketches of Indian women, will be discussed. She will summarize some observations obtained from a survey called ‘Trained Scientific Woman Power: what fraction are we losing and why?’ All these studies have identified goal posts for women in Science in India. Action plans to achieve those will be discussed.

The colloquium will be followed by a short panel discussion on the topic of diversity, focusing on the similarities and differences between the situation in India and the situation in the Netherlands.

After the colloquium drinks will be served at the Academisch Kwartier in the main hall of Science Park 904.


Date: 21 November 2018, starting at 15h00.
Location: Science Park 904, C1.110

15:00 Welcome and introduction
15:10 Women in Science: The story from India
15:45 Audience questions for Prof. Godbole
16:00 Panel discussion
16:30 End of programme, drinks at Academisch Kwartier