Start up grant for Katerina Dohnalová

1 June 2015

The Netherlands Special Envoy for startups Neelie Kroes awarded Katerina Dohnalová, tenure track assistant professor at the UvA’s Institute of Physics with a startup grant of €100,000. Neelie Kroes awarded in total four proof-of-concept grants to four university spin-offs. These grants will help the startups to validate their technologies, expand their teams and enter the market.

Katerina Dohnalová received the grant to support her startup company Quantis, which she founded jointly with Jos Paulusse (University of Twente). Quantis will commercialise rainbow color brightly emitting silicon nanoparticles, a non-toxic, cost-efficient material that is basically made from processed sand and can be used for new generation displays and LEDs, or captured more briefly: ‘Quantis - Light from sand’!

Proof-of-concept grants

Neelie Kroes came to Amsterdam Science Park on Tuesday 28 May and met with local entrepreneurs, stakeholders and investors. Alexander Rinnooy Kan, Hubert Deitmers, Hans Amman and Boris Velthuijzen van Santen were amongst many others. During her visit  Kroes awarded €100,000 proof-of-concept grants to four startups: Caelus (AMC), Haermonics (AMC), Innoseis (Nikhef/VU) and Quantis (UvA, FNWI).

Earlier that day Neelie Kroes participated in a round table discussion with eight university startups at ACE Venture Lab. The startup founders told Ms. Kroes about the obstacles and challenges they face in commercialising their innovations as university spin-offs. While many entrepreneurs endorsed the infrastructure and funding opportunities the universities provide, many startups emphasized the difficulties they experience in requesting the funds and licensing their innovations from Amsterdam universities.

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Source: Ace Venture Lab

Published by  Faculty of Science