Wieteke de Boer receives STW Simon Stevin Gezel Prize 2014

7 October 2014

On 2 October 2014 Wieteke de Boer was elected Simon Stevin Gezel 2014 by the visitors of the STW annual congress for her PhD research that she did at the UvA’s Institute of Physics.

The title Simon Stevin Gezel is a title of honour granted by the Technology Foundation STW for excellent young researchers, whom obtained their PhD degree within an STW-funded project.  The Simon Stevin Gezel receives an engraved mirror from the artist Frank Snik, and 5,000 euros. 

Enhancement of solar cells 

The PhD research of Wieteke de Boer involves the enhancement of solar cells by means of use of silicon nanoparticles. She discovered that these nanoparticles can reduce the heat generation, which in conventional solar cells results in significant losses. In this way, one photon can now be converted not in to only one electron, but two. This mechanism could increase the maximal conversion efficiency from 31 to 45 percent. 

Currently, Wieteke de Boer is implementing her knowledge on nanoparticles in the field of neuroscience in the group of Rafael Yuste at Columbia University in New York City.

Published by  Faculty of Science