First Horizon2020 granted to UvA for Quantum Simulation project

1 September 2014

Robert Spreeuw of the UvA’s Institute of Physics (IoP) is partner in the first Horizon2020 granted to UvA for the research project Rydberg Quantum Simulators (RYSQ).

Horizon 2020 is the new EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation with a total budget of about 80 billion euro over the period from 2014-2020. The RYSQ proposal was submitted to the Future & Emerging Technologies Proactive call which funds ground-breaking high-risk research.

About RYSQ

The RYSQ research consortium brings specialists from eight European countries together, bundling their expertise in the physics of so-called Rydberg atoms. These are atoms with a very weakly bound outer electron. The goal of the research project RYSQ  is to develop quantum simulators on the basis of these Rydberg atoms.

Quantum simulation (QS) is closely related to quantum computing. In contrast to the latter, QS is specifically aimed at the simulation of other quantum systems that are inaccessible or not adjustable, and furthermore too complex to be simulated using normal, “classical” computers. Rydberg atoms are particularly suitable for QS due to their extremely strong interaction which, in addition, is both tunable and switchable. 

The research group of IoP contributes with unique expertise on atom chips. This funding will enable a PhD student to work on the experimental development of quantum simulators on the basis of Rydberg atoms on atom chips.