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For all sorts of questions relevant for PhD's or Postdocs at the Institute of Physics contact the council via the email address in the column to the right. Please note that we are a council formed by PhD's and Postdocs and do not decide on hiring people.

The current council members introduce themselves below.

Council Members

Antonio Capretti:

I joined the Institute of Physics as a Postdoc in June 2015, after a 3-year-long research experience in the United States.  My current research project is part of Solardam, an Amsterdam-based multidisciplinary consortium focused on solar energy.  I am originally from Napoli, where I received my PhD. As every respectable Italian, you will always find me available to talk about good food and wine, and to organize social dining.  I am often organizing beach-volleyball games at Science Park, to have some fun but also to keep high the level of our Institute (last summer we won the Uva-HvA tournament with the team "It doesn't matter").  Please feel free to stop by my office C4.234b for any reason from organizing social events to comments related to PhD/Postdoc life!

Damian Galante:

I arrived to the Netherlands in September 2016 to join the Institute of Physics as a Postdoc in Theoretical Physics. I am part of the String Theory group and I am interested in different problems in high energy physics ranging from quantum quenches and entanglement to quantum gravity. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the southern most country in America but graduated in the northern most with a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Western Ontario and the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics in Ontario, Canada. My office is C4.201; my email,; so feel free to visit or contact me for whatever you want!

Thijs de Goede:

After finishing my Masters at the UvA in 2016, I got the opportunity to extend my stay at the IoP by doing a PhD in the Soft Matter Group of Daniel Bonn. The focus of my research lies in combining hydrodynamics and forensic research to improve the reconstructions of crime scene using bloodstain patterns (improving Dexter). Apart from the University I enjoy playing the guitar and I am trying to learn how to make the perfect picture with photography. The reason I joined the council was that I want to contribute to the great atmosphere in the Institute and help people connect to each other outside of their group.  If you have any problems, questions, ideas for a fun activity, or just want to have a chat: Feel free to give a call or visit me in my office (C4.234)! Or you can (almost) always find me at the monthly PhD/PostDoc drinks.

Carla Sanna:

Hello everyone, I'm Carla, a third year PhD student in the group of Quantum Gases and Quantum Information. I did my studies in Italy, from were I'm actually from. My research interest is in quantum simulation and I work with cold atoms trapped in magnetic lattices. What I love about physics is physics itself and the opportunity to invastigate fundamental problems. Apart from physics, I like reading, art and travels. I decided to join the council because I wanted to be an active part of the comunity of PhDs and PDs in IoP. Also, I'm willing to help, so if you have any question or you need help with your PhD/PD managing tasks, please don't hesitate to contact me or one of the other members of the council!

Bart van Voorden:

I'm a PhD student in the condensed matter theory group since September 2016, but I've been at the UvA for a longer time, since I also did my BSc and MSc here, so you could say that I'm familiar with the UvA and the IoP. My PhD is on the topic of topological phases/order in condensed matter systems in general, with a special focus on artificial gauge fields in ultracold atoms, mainly in relation to some experiments being done here at the IoP. After a long day of doing physics, I like to go for a run, read some books or go for some drinks with friends. Please don't hesitate to talk to me or any of the other PhD-PD council members about anything regarding your PhD/PD, improving the institute, fun activities or just for a social talk!

Former Council Members

Maureen Dinkgreve:

I started my PhD in the beginning of 2015. I have been around for quit some time, since I have done my bachelor and master in physics at the UvA. So I know a lot about the University and also about the Dutch system (because yes... I am Dutch). In my experimental PhD I focus on complex fluids and study phenomena like jamming and the glass transition. In my free time I play flied hockey and like to cook. Organizing social events is also something I really like and you can often find me in the WZI coffee room. If you have any questions about your PhD or the Dutch system don't hesitate to come talk to me.

Laurens Kabir:

After studying theoretical physics in Leuven and Utrecht, I joined the Amsterdam string theory group as a PhD student in September 2013.  My research focuses on holography and cosmology, where I like to ponder on what would happen when you jump into a black hole, or what happened at the beginning of the universe. Outside the institute I have a broad interest ranging from photography to economics, I love to play guitar and various sports (badminton, bouldering & skiing) and enjoy cooking (and eating!) good food.  Come find me anytime, or join me on one of the many activities organized by the council!

Niki Klop

After I finished my master in Munich, I started my PhD here at the UvA in October 2014, where I also did my bachelor. I’m working on indirect dark matter detection in the GRAPPA group, looking for signals from dark matter annihilation in dwarf galaxies. Apart from representing your interests as a PhD student as well as possible, the council also organises social events like drinks and BBQs. If you encounter any problems in your PhD or Postdoc life, or if you have a fun idea for new events, don't hesitate to contact us!

Julie Desarnaud

After a PhD in Marseille, I started, 1.5 years ago my post-doc at the IoP, focusing on salt crystallization in porous media. It is an important subject for different fields especially in civil engineering and cultural heritage where the salt crystallization is one of the major causes of Building stone degradation.  I am the only French of the council it is why I take care of the food and for the social activities that we do! Besides science, I practice contemporary dance and love American literature. Feel free to come to my office if you have questions about your PhD, your Post Doc or on French cuisine!

Nick de Jong 

Started my PhD in the quantum electron matter group in march 2012, where I do experimental research on 1D electronic systems. I choose to do a PhD because I want to keep challenging myself and of course out of love for physics. I see myself as an open minded person with a lot of different interests. Next to physics I practice ju-jitsu and karate, I snowboard, enjoy going to festivals, watch way to many movies and like to read in the time I have left (mostly in the train). If you want to talk to me you will find me in the big aquarium D0.120, where I am part of one of the attractions for all the students of the SP and measuring with the FOM Amsterdam Momentum Space microscope. Feel free to walk in anytime. 

Rens Limpens

In September 2011 I started my experimental PhD at the UvA in the group of Tom Gregorkiewicz, focusing on photovoltaic (PV) research.  I would describe myself as a person who always wants to couple activities to a concrete output/goal. This is visible in the decision to pursue a research study in the PV corner, but also in founding – and participating in - the PhD/PD council for the IOP. To relax I love to play sports (soccer, running, cycling and fitness). For this reason you can find me quit often in the Universum. A secondary consequence is the IOP soccer tournament that I organize – with all pleasure -  around two times a year.  Unfortunately, I have never been able to win this prestigious tournament and I would like to attribute this simply to lack of luck… In principle I am always open for some small talk in the hallways of the Science Park, so do not hesitate to contact me for any reason.

Hamish Silverwood

I started by PhD in October 2012 in the GRAPPA Institute, working on dark matter in the group of Gianfranco Bertone. I've worked on indirect and direct dark matter searches, and I'm currently working on using galactic dynamics and astrometrics to determine the local dark matter density. I'm originally from New Zealand, and did my Bachelors and Masters at the University of Canterbury, with a year's interlude studying at the University of Cambridge. 

Georgios Skantzaris:

After having graduated from Universiteit Utrecht as a MSc in condensed matter theoretical physics, I joined the Soft Matter group of the Van der Waals—Zeeman institute for a PhD in experimental physics. My research focuses on the spreading and imbibition of liquids on porous media; namely on blood droplets on textile which is of the particular interest of Forensic science. I am originally from Greece and apart of physics I enjoy contemporary dance, martial arts and rock climbing.

Rogier Vlijm 

After doing both my Bachelors and Masters at the UvA, I joined the Institute of Physics as a PhD student in 2012. Currently I am working in the Condensed Matter Theory group with prof. dr. Jean-Sebastien Caux. The mathematical framework of the Algebraic Bethe Ansatz provides a method to compute experimental accessible quantities. Typical models are quantum spin chains, which can be probed by inelastic neutron scattering experiments. At this moment, I am working to extend and implement these computational methods to other types of spin chains. Outside the Institute I dedicated my life to water sports, such as sailboat racing, water polo and windsurfing. Since fall 2013 I am part of the IoP PhD/PD council.


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30 April 2018