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Results: 161 - 180 of 299
Results: 161 - 180 of 299
  • 7 May 2015
    Researchers identify way electrons form crystals within crystals

    Researchers from the UvA's Institute of Physics (IoP), together with international collaborators, have identified the way in which electrons form crystals within crystals. Their findings, described in two recent ...

  • 4 May 2015
    Physicists develop efficient calculation method for particle collisions

    Theoretical physicists Eric Laenen, Kasper Larsen and Robbert Rietkerk of the University of Amsterdam, FOM Institute Nikhef and the ETH Zurich have developed a method to efficiently compute relevant information about ...

  • 29 Apr 2015
    STW grant for UvA physicists Gregorkiewicz and Sinke

    UvA professors Tom Gregorkiewicz (Institute of Physics, IoP) and Wim Sinke (IoP and Energy Research Centre for the Netherlands, ECN) have received a grant in the Open Technology programme of the Dutch Technology ...

  • 29 Apr 2015
    UvA programmes rise in latest QS World University Rankings

    In the latest edition of the QS World University Rankings by Subject, Communication & Media Studies are ranked 8th globally. Last year these subject areas, which are bundled by QS, were ranked in 10th place. Several ...

  • 13 Apr 2015
    Patrick Decowski, professor of Experimental Astroparticle Physics

    Dr M.P. Decowski has been appointed professor of Experimental Astroparticle Physics at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Science.

  • 26 Mar 2015
    Science faculties UvA-VU launch popular science magazine

    The first issue of the popular science magazine ‘Amsterdam Science’ was officially released earlier today during the Dies Natalis celebrations of the UvA’s Faculty of Science. A joint initiative of the University of ...

  • 17 Feb 2015
    Three Faculty of Science researcher amongst Vici recipients

    Biologist Frank Takken (Swammerdam Institute of Life Sciences) and physicists Florian Schreck (Institute of Physics, IoP) Femius Koenderink (IoP and FOM-institute AMOLF), all affiliated with the Faculty of Science ...

  • 13 Feb 2015
    Getting 2 for 1: 'bonus' electrons in germanium nanocrystals can lead to better solar cells

    Researchers of the UvA's Institute of Physics, Foundation FOM, the Delft University of Technology and the University of the Algarve have discovered that when light hits germanium nanocrystals, the crystals produce ...

  • 13 Feb 2015
    Vici grant awarded to five UvA researchers

    The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) has awarded a prestigious Vici grant worth 1.5 million euros to five researchers from the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

  • 10 Feb 2015
    Joost Frenken appointed professor of Nanoscale Surface Physics at VU and the UvA

    Prof. Joost Frenken (director of the ARCNL) has been appointed professor of Nanoscale Surface Physics at both VU University Amsterdam (VU) and the University of Amsterdam (UvA).

  • 9 Feb 2015
    First proof of dark matter in innermost region of Milky Way

    An international team of researchers, which includes UvA physicist Gianfranco Bertone, has obtained the first observational proof of the presence of dark matter in the innermost part of the Milky Way, where our own ...

  • 9 Feb 2015
    Science Research at UvA-VU: SOLARDAM

    The year started auspiciously for SOLARDAM: two years after its founding, the consortium received seed capital for eight postdocs. The initiators are anxious for them to start as soon as they can. 'We're all ...

  • 6 Feb 2015
    PhD-candidate University of Amsterdam ‘gives face to science’

    Physicist Hugo Doeleman, PhD-candidate at the University of Amsterdam’s Institute of Physics (IoP) and FOM-institute AMOLF is one of the new young researchers featured on the website Faces of Science. In his first ...

  • 3 Feb 2015
    Horizon 2020 Grants for Faculty of Science researchers

    Horizon 2020, the EU programme for research and innovation, has granted three Faculty of Science projects a total of more than EUR 1.5 million. These projects are concerned with large-scale database applications ...

  • 29 Jan 2015
    Molecules shed light on the secrets of friction

    Researchers at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) have developed a new microscopy method that enables the visualization of nanoscale contacts between two ...

  • 25 Jan 2015
    Jan de Boer new member of FOM's Executive Board

    As per 1 January 2015 IoP professor Jan de Boer has taken up a seat as member of the Executive Board of the FOM Foundation. He was already member of the Board of Directors as of 1 May 2014. He succeeds professor ...

  • 22 Jan 2015
    Peter Schall, professor of Soft Condensed Matter Physics

    Dr P. Schall (1971) has been appointed professor of Soft Condensed Matter Physics at the University of Amsterdam's (UvA) Faculty of Science.

  • 20 Jan 2015
    Professor Frank Linde leads consortium on astroparticle physics

    The General Assembly of the Astroparticle Physics European Consortium (APPEC) appointed Professor Frank Linde (Nikhef/UvA-IoP) as its new chair on 9 January. APPEC is a consortium of 14 European research ...

  • 13 Jan 2015
    SOLARDAM consortium receives AAA funding

    The SOLARDAM consortium, which includes FNWI institutes IoP, HIMS and SILS, has received initial funding from the Amsterdam Academic Alliance (AAA). With this funding for SOLARDAM, VU and UvA have the unique ...

  • 12 Jan 2015
    New app lets you swipe through dark matter

    What is dark matter actually? Chances are that the answer to this question – and a lot more information – can be found in the new app ‘Dark Matter - Behind the Scenes of the Universe’. Developed by UvA researcher ...