We offer several projects within our groups as part of the BSc and MSc studies. We are always looking for enthusiastic students.


We coordinate, teach and assist in the following courses:


  1. Atomic Physics 1
    Jook Walraven
  2. Atomic Physics 2
    Jook Walraven
  3. Electricity and Magnetism  
    Stan Bentvelsen, Klaasjan van Druten  and Tom Hijmans
  4. Lab Course Physics and Astronomy 1
    Paul Vlaanderen and Tom Hijmans
  5. Mathematica for Physicists
    Ben van Linden van den Heuvell
  6. Research Laboratory Experimental Physics 
    Klaasjan van Druten
  7. Vibrations, waves and optics
    Ben van Linden van den Heuvell, Marcel Vreeswijk and Tom Hijmans 
  8. Quantum Optics  (MSc)
    Robert Spreeuw
  9. Fermi Quantum Gases  (MSc)
    Gora Shlyapnikov
  10. Bose Einstein Condensates  (MSc)
    Gora Shlyapnikov
  11. Fysica: elektriciteit en magnetisme voor SBI (BSc, VU)
    Robert Spreeuw

Published by  IOP

29 November 2017