Annemarie Berkhout wins Pieter Zeeman Prize for best Master's thesis

5 December 2016

Annemarie Berkhout has won the Pieter Zeeman Prize 2016. This biennial prize is awarded to the best Master's thesis in physics produced at the UvA. Berkhout did her thesis research at AMOLF in the group of Erik Garnett.

The jury, consisting of Dr Philippe Corboz, Dr Noushine Shahidzadeh and Prof. Paul Kooijman, considered Berkhout's thesis Silver Nanocubes as Building Blocks for a Transparent Conductive Network to be the best out of 150 submitted works. The prize of €2500 was presented on 24 November by Prof. Ben van Linden van den Heuvell, board member of the Pieter Zeeman Foundation. The prize ceremony took place in the Pontes Pieter Zeemanschool in Zierikzee, the successor of the school where Zeeman received his secondary education.

Annemarie Berkhout receives the Pieter Zeeman Prize 2016

Annemarie Berkhout receives the Pieter Zeeman Prize.


The Pieter Zeeman Prize has existed for a long time, but the tradition of awarding the prize ended after the flood disaster in Zeeland in 1953. In 2004, the prize was reinstated, and it has been awarded once every two years since then. Prize winners in the past years have been

2016 Annemarie Berkhout
2014 Berend Zwartsenberg
2012 Joris Paijmans
2010 Shanna Haaker
2008 Reinier de Adelhart Toorop
2006 Liza Huise
2004 Tobias Tiecke



Berkhout has now graduated, but is continuing her career in physics. She is currently a PhD student at AMOLF, in the group of Femius Koenderink.


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