Nick Laan and Karla de Bruin receive AmSIA 2015 Runner Up prize

1 June 2015

During the award ceremony of the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award on Wednesday, 27 May 2015, Nick Laan and Karla de Bruin (Institute of Physics and Netherlands Forensic Institute) received the Runner Up prize of €1,000 for the improvement of bloodstain pattern analysis in forensics.

Bloodstain pattern analysis is the forensic discipline that uses bloodstain patterns to reconstruct the events at a crime scene. Current methods cannot take into account the influence of gravity and aerodynamic drag, for example. The innovation of Laan and De Bruin makes this possible and improves current methods by integrating gravity in the path of a drop of blood, allowing a better estimation of where the drop of blood originated. The jury noted that their work is innovative because classical Newtonian physics gains a new application, combining 3D scanners with fast, user-friendly software.

Laan and De Bruin received the prize from jury chairman Alexander Rinnooy Kan. Paul Govaerts and Martine Coene (VU University) were this year’s winners of the €10,000 AmSIA award for their idea to restore hearing using cochlear implant programming. The Audience Award was won by Jurre den Haan and Femke Bouwman of the VU University’s Alzheimer’s Centre in collaboration with LaserLab Amsterdam for a technique for early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease.

About the Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award

The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is an annual competition for the most innovative idea resulting from scientific research which has a social and/or commercial application. Over 70 researchers and students from Amsterdam’s many universities and research institutes took part in this 10 th edition. The Amsterdam Science & Innovation Award is organised by Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (IXA), formerly the Technology Transfer Offices of AUAS-UvA, AMC and VU-VUmc.

Published by  IOP