Rianne van den Berg (IoP) wins 2014 QM&QI Young Speaker's Prize

23 May 2014

During an interdisciplinary workshop organised by the UvA research priority area Quantum Matter & Quantum Information, on 23 May at CWI, Rianne van den Berg of the Institute of Physics has won the 2014 QM&QI Young Speaker's Prize.

Rianne van den Berg (1988) is working as a PhD student in the group of Prof. Jean-Sébastien Caux since 2012. She obtained her bachelor's degree cum laude in the Physics and Astronomy honours programme at Utrecht University, after which she followed the Applied Physics at the TU Delft. Her presentation, entitled Describing decoherence in quantum dots using integrability was chosen unanimously by the jury as the winner of the 2014 QM&QI Young Speaker's contest, for which five students were competing.

QM&QI workshop

The QM&QI workshop brought together senior and junior scientists from the research institutes of the Faculty of Science that constitute the research priority area: the Institute of Physics (IoP), the Korteweg-de Vries Institute for Mathematics (KdVI) and the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC). In addition, various scientists from the NWO institutes associated to QM&QI (CWI and AMOLF) attended the workshop.

QMQI workshop 23 May 2014 CWI

Scientists gathering for the interdisciplinary Quantum Matter & Quantum Information workshop in the Euler room at CWI.

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