Theo Nieuwenhuizen announced Distinguished Visiting Professor at IIP

4 July 2014

Dr. Theo Nieuwenhuizen, associate professor at the UvA's Institute of Physics, has received a Distinguished Visiting Full Professorship from the International Institute of Physics (IIP) at Natal, Brazil. The fellowship entitles him to 1-3 month visits for three consecutive years, including an allowance.

Theo Nieuwenhuizen concluded his master's exam cum laude in 1979, under the supervision of Professor Gerard 't Hooft, Nobel Prize Laureate and a member of the IIP's International Advisory Council. During the time studying for his PhD degree in Mathematics and Physics, he developed the thesis "Analytic methods and exact solutions for one-dimensional random systems". Nieuwenhuizen's work covers a wide variety of topics in theoretical physics, including a recently published solution to the quantum measurement problem.

He has previously worked in Brazil to organise a summer school in João Pessoa in 2012. Nieuwenhuizen now plans to visit Natal in September 2014 to start organising a school on "Quantum Foundations", to be held at the IIP in 2016.

About the IIP

The International Institute of Physics (IIP) at Natal, Brazil is a national research institute based at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte (UFRN), and is associated to the Brazilian Center for Physical Research (CBPF) of the Ministry of Science and Technology and Innovation (MCTI). The Distinguished Visiting Professorships are aimed at inviting international scientists to spend extended periods of time as members of IIP’s research community.

IIS Natal, Brazil

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