IvI and IoP obtain FOM/Shell Computational Science grant

4 December 2014

The Computational Science Lab within the UvA's Informatics Institute (Prof. Alfons Hoekstra and Dr Eric Lorenz) and the Soft Matter group of the Institute of Physics (Prof. Daniel Bonn and Dr Rudolf Sprik) obtained a grant from the FOM/SHELL program on Computational Science in Energy Research.

After a successful match making process an Indian PhD student, and future employee of the Shell Computational Science lab in Bangalore, will start the research in summer 2015. Relying on advanced computational models he will investigate continuous – and discontinuous shear thickening suspensions.

About the programme

In 2012, Shell, the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO) and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM) started a joint large-scale public-private partnership in fundamental research in the energy domain. The majority of Shell's investment comprises the CSER PhD programme. It has a volume of 60 PhD research projects in total. This programme will cover themes within the top sectors Energy and Chemistry. 
Various NWO divisions are involved in the CSER initiative: FOM, Physical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Social Sciences, Earth and Life Sciences, and Technology Foundation STW. This collaboration across a range of computational science disciplines is uniquely positioned to give a long-term boost to the field of CSER. The combined Shell-NWO/FOM initiative will also lead to a further strengthening of the relation between Dutch and Indian research communities. An important driver for Shell to invest in this initiative is to use the programme as a recruitment pool for computational scientists for its technology centre in Bangalore, India. 

Published by  IOP