NWO ECHO grant for Fred Brouwer (HIMS) and Daniel Bonn

13 May 2014

Together with Fred Brouwer (HIMS), Daniel Bonn is awarded an NWO ECHO grant within the focus area "Chemistry in relation to Physics/Materials".

Their proposal is entitled "In touch with fluorescent probe molecules: microscopic visualization of contacts and friction": The dynamics of the physical world are mostly determined by the forces between objects at their points of contact. In the granted project, such touching points are visualized at the nanoscale with the help of fluorescent molecules. With this technique the researchers aim to test the physical theory of friction.

About the NWO ECHO grants

€ 11 million of NWO funding is awarded to excellent researchers via TOP, ECHO- and ECHO-STIP-grants. ECHO grants amount to € 260.000 and enable researchers to develop creative, risky concepts which could result into future research themes. NWO-CW received a total of 129 proposals for ECHO, of which 19 were granted. 

Published by  IOP