IoP Lunch Seminar (series)


07Mar2018 13:00 - 15:00


It's time to resume our monthly pizza lunch seminars! Come and enjoy a slice of pizza while listening to what your colleagues have been up to. This month's speakers will be Enej Ilievski (Soft Matter), Katerina Newell (Hard Condens Matter ) and Chiat Cheong (FNWI Career Services)

The titles are as follows:

"Quantum Systems out of Equilibrium "- Enej Ilievski

"How to simulate quantum dot band-structures " – Katerina Newell

“How to make decisions about your next career step”- Chiat Cheong

Chiat Cheong works for the FNWI Career Service, which focuses on giving career advice to scientists with a temporary contract the focus of her talk will be the Postdocs and PhD students of the IoP

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