IoP Colloquium: Rudolf Grimm (University of Innsbruck and Austrian Academy of Sciences)

Ultracold fermions – interactions make you stronger!

23Nov2017 16:00 - 17:00


This month's IoP colloquium will be given by Rudolf Grimm (University of Innsbruck and Austrian Academy of Sciences). Grimm is a pioneer in the field of ultracold quantum gases. His many achievements include the first creation of Bose-Einstein condensates of cesium and of molecules, based on which he discovered Efimov states in ultracold gases and explored the BEC-BCS crossover. He has won prestigious prizes such as the Wittgenstein Award and was elected Austrian Scientist of the Year 2009. He is also an outstanding speaker, so we encourage you to join us this Thursday!

ABSTRACT: Fermionic quantum gases with tunable interactions offer a unique test bed for many-body quantum physics. After a brief historical review, I will talk about three current experimental research lines pursued in Innsbruck. We investigate the physics of impurities (fermionic K-40 atoms) immersed in a Fermi sea of Li-6 atoms, with particular interest in the formation and dynamics of quasiparticles. Changing the isotope to bosonic K-41, the impurity atoms form a tiny BEC in the large Fermi sea. For strong repulsive interaction, the system undergoes phase separation and we are particularly interested in the interface between both components. I will finally report on a new experiment that combines potassium with dysprosium atoms. This new quantum gas mixture offers many new possibilities, e.g. for the realization of novel superfluid phases.

After the colloquium there will be drinks at OERKNAL (Universum building next to the Faculty of Science).

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