IoP Lunch Seminar (series)


07June2017 13:00 - 14:00


Come and enjoy a slice of pizza while listening to what your colleagues have been up to! This month's speakers will be Erik van Heumen from the Quantum Matter group, Edan Lerner from the Condensed Matter Theory group and Kareljan Schoutens from the Condensed Matter Theory group and QuSoft. They will each tell us about what they are currently working on and, as this is the last IoP Lunch Seminar before the summer break, they will also tell us a little about what inspires them in their work.

Why hiking near Jílové has anything to do with quirky insulators and strange metals - Erik van Heumen (Staff Member - Quantum Matter)

Local thermal energy in glassy solids - Edan Lerner (Staff Member - Condensed Matter Theory)

Few-qubit platforms - research and education - Kareljan Schoutens (Staff Member - Condensed Matter Theory and QuSoft)

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