IoP Lunch Seminar (series)


03May2017 13:00 - 14:00


Come and enjoy a slice of pizza while listening to what your colleagues have been up to! This month we will hear from Jasper van Wezel from Condensed Matter Theory, Michael Feyereisen from GRAPPA and Oleksiy Onishchenko from Quantum Gases and Quantum Information.

Topological classification of crystalline insulators through band structure combinatorics - Jasper van Wezel (Staff Member - Condensed Matter Theory)

Good science with bad pictures - Michael Feyereisen (PhD Student - GRAPPA)

A new strontium quantum gas machine: towards experiments with artificial gauge fields and a quantum gas microscope - Oleksiy Onishchenko (PhD Student - Quantum Gases and Quantum Information)


If you missed the seminar or would like to see certain talks again, simply click below.

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