Solardam Colloquium (I)

Location: A1.10

01Nov2016 16:00 - 17:45


The idea of the Solardam Colloquium is to have a monthly seminar with two researchers reporting on their energy-related research, followed by drinks. The tentative plan is to hold the colloquium on the first Tuesday of each month at 16:00.

Our first speakers will be Erik Garnett (group leader at AMOLF) and Antonio Capretti (Solardam post doc), who will tell you all about what they've been up to.  We will end with a drinks reception in the Academisch Kwartier (the coffee bar on the ground floor of Science Park 904).


1. Erik Garnett (Group Leader at AMOLF) - Quantifying limits and losses in nanophotonic solar cells (45min+15min discussion)

2. Antonio Capretti (Solardam post doc) - Blending quantum emitters and nanoresonators into the perfect metamaterial downconverter of sunlight (20min+10min discussion)

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